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We are Pro Garage Conversions. We offer professional garage conversions in Hastings and surrounding areas.

A garage conversion is a major addition to any home, but it can turn a simple unused utility room or storage space into something much more versatile. Whether your existing garage is built into your home or a separate structure, we at Pro Garage Conversions can provide the skill needed to convert it properly.

We offer a range of garage conversion options in Hastings that can be tailored to your needs and preferences, helping you turn an unused or impractical garage space into any kind of new room. More living space, an isolated office, a new dining area or your very own hobby room: a basic garage has almost limitless potential.

Our garage conversion services in Hastings are some of the best and most reliable across the entire UK, and we have worked with countless clients to refine and adapt the work that we do.

But what can we offer, and what kind of conversion options are available for your home? More importantly, which ones would fit your expectations the best?

If you are not sure what you want to look for or simply have not considered the kind of garage conversion that you might want, then our expert staff can help you find something that is perfect for your needs. This breakdown of the different options and conversion types is a good place to start.

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Who Are Pro Garage Conversions?

We at Pro Garage Conversions have gathered years of extensive garage conversion experience in Hastings, working with a near-countless number of customers and clients across a wide range of different project types. 

Whether customers and clients want a small alteration or a major overhaul of a detached double garage, we are always prepared to take on a new challenge and provide the best results possible,

Our Work in Hastings

Each conversion in Hastings is a bespoke project with its own dedicated goals and style, meaning that we focus heavily on matching the client’s preferences and wants. 

Our garage conversion specialist teams are able to balance functionality and reliability, all while sticking to building regulations and our clients’ original plans.

We always aim for the best possible results with our work, no matter how specific a certain conversion might be. If clients have not been able to plan anything out, then we can even assist them in getting a good conversion idea and advise them on the practical side of what they are designing.

For a free quote on a loft conversion in Hastings, please fill out the contact form.

Why Choose Pro Garage Conversions?

Our experts can provide a wide variety of conversions in Hastings, ranging across all shapes and sizes. Even now, we are working across the UK with a long list of clients in need of garage conversion help – and we have made sure that each one walks away satisfied with our work.

All of our work is done to an extremely high standard of quality and safety, and we take all of the necessary steps to observe things like building regulations and safety standards.

Each garage conversion that we take on in Hastings is a distinct project. We can be involved as much or as little as you want, but we have helped many of our clients through every step of the process: from the initial conception of a plan to the final finishing touches of the converted garage.

How Much Do Garage Conversions in Hastings Cost?

Cost is always an important thing to consider when it comes to a garage conversion project in East Sussex. Garage conversion costs can vary heavily based on multiple different factors, and having a basic understanding of the budget that you will need can make planning ahead much easier.

Garage conversion costs are never an exact number. There can be a lot of details or additions that change how much it costs, for better or for worse, and you may want to push your budget a little higher than necessary to cover any additional costs that might crop up during the project.

Base Cost (including Garage Door)

A garage conversion will always have a base cost of some kind, usually, one based on the amount of materials and work involved. These are general estimates and are decided on a case-by-case basis. Since each garage project is unique, our work is bespoke, so no two clients get the exact same cost estimate.


The larger your garage conversion is, both in physical size and in scope, the more it costs on average. Larger conversions need more materials, more extensive checks, additional supply trips and sometimes even more manpower to create.

The scale of your existing garage, as well as the size and scope of the conversion being done, are important. We can help you refine your plan to remove unnecessary costs, helping you stay within budget while still giving you the same kind of conversion that you had initially planned for.


The more complex a garage conversion is, the more it will cost. While we aim to keep everything we create as affordable for the client as possible, there will always be certain things that are simply more expensive than others – such as extending a garage roof or building an entire new room.

We can try to help simplify your garage plans, but if you are dead-set on getting a complex extension or feature, then we will have to estimate a higher cost than average. Our experts are able to work with you to reduce the project’s cost as much as possible, so do not hesitate to ask for help if the plan exceeds your expected budget.

Do Conversions Add Value?

A garage conversion, just like a loft conversion project, can add up to 20% additional value to your home in Hastings. Of course, this varied based on the kind of conversion that you are aiming for since some are more valued by the housing market than others.

For example, an en-suite bathroom can often give you a solid 20% extra value to your home, while something more niche might not raise the value quite as much. 

If you are adding a room that potential buyers would want in a new home in Hastings, then you can expect the value of your home to shoot up further.

By contrast, something very specific (like a utility room that is designed for a single hobby) will still increase the value of the house, but not as much. 

Either way, making the new space into a usable room is still a value-adding move, even if you do not furnish the room yourself.

Types of Garage Conversion Projects

Knowing the estimated cost of your garage conversion can be important, even if you are still at the planning stage. One of the most important factors in determining your budget is the type of garage conversion that you are getting.

Not only do different types of garage conversion have different results, but they also take different levels of effort. One garage conversion option in Hastings may require far more work and time than another – especially if it adjusts the existing foundations and room – while offering a much larger amount of extra living space in return.

Attached Garage Conversions Hastings

An attached garage conversion focuses on converting a garage attached to your home separately. Since attached garages are connected to the main house through at least one door, they do not require much work to transform into a new space.

The existing structure of this garage can remain relatively unchanged, although you may want to remove the existing garage door. Removing every external ground-level door makes the attached garage much more secure, but keeping the garage doors is still practical if you are turning it into a hobby space.

Most of the garage conversion cost here comes from having to install new pipework and electrical wires, as well as the installation or removal of certain internal walls. Some clients even prefer to knock down the wall separating the garage from the main room that it connects to, extending their floor space instead by combining the two rooms together.

Attached garage conversion costs

Attached garage conversion projects often cost around £10,000 to £20,000 in total, depending on the scale of the project and the amount of work done. Removing load-bearing walls would bump this up slightly higher, as would changing the foundations.

We can make sure that your attached garage is converted quickly and within your budget, turning it into a habitable space that matches your specifications. Every garage conversion specialist within our ranks is fully equipped to break down the costs involved in each step of the process, so let us know if you need more information.

Integral Garage Conversions Hastings

Integral garage jobs are a lot cheaper than attached garage conversion projects. Since these garages are already taking up floor space by ‘replacing’ a room within your home, converting them can be a better way to get more floor space from the existing structure of your home.

These are the cheapest options due to the nature of the garage itself. Since it is ‘slotted’ into the existing structure, it often has the same wall quality as the rest of the house, and two-storey homes have a room up above instead of a garage roof that will need improving.

Features like a damp-proof course and roof insulation are already either taken care of or completely irrelevant, meaning that most of the work goes into the garage space itself. 

It is not hard for us to turn your garage into a liveable space worthy of the main house. The highest cost may come from removing the original garage doors and installing a new wall space instead.

Integral garage conversion costs

An integral garage conversion is the cheapest option at around £7,500 to £12,500. The entire project boils down to overhauling a single room. Roofing usually is not a problem, and the walls are often just as reliable as any other room’s, meaning the two major problem areas are the door and garage floors.

Since this kind of garage is so cheap and unobtrusive to convert, you often have more flexibility with how your garage is laid out. We can have a structural engineer or another specialist look over your plans, helping you refine your layout while still allowing you to break up the new room however you like.

Detached Garage Conversions Hastings

Detached garage conversion work is much more expensive than the previous two types since the garage is completely separate. Even a single garage can be costly since the expenses involved in setting up electrical, water and gas lines can be much higher due to the distance and the effort needed to get everything installed.

There can also be a lot more work required during the conversion itself. The existing foundations and structure of the garage may need to be overhauled, and even our garage conversion specialists will need to work hard to help you stay within budget. In many cases, this is more of a building project than a conversion one.

On the other hand, these garages have near limitless potential since they are not attached to your home. They can become a private office, a playhouse for children, a home bar, somewhere to sit and relax, a hobby space or even just a generic habitable room to use when you have guests around.

Detached garage conversion costs

These garages are expensive to convert, mostly because a lot more work is needed to get everything finished. Ensuring that the garage is structurally sound is important, but your new space may also need a lot of additional equipment for safety reasons, such as its own miniature circuit breaker.

Expect to pay around £17,500 at a minimum (the average for a 36-meter-squared space), with double detached garages of the same size needing at least £45,000 to fully convert. Of course, this can always change, depending on the state of the garage and the number of alterations made.

Double Garage Conversions Hastings

Double garage projects are, in general, just more expensive and larger-scale versions of regular conversion work. A double garage often has a dual garage door design and might even be designed as two distinct rooms – both of which mean that more work might be needed to fully convert them.

Even if you keep each door, you will be working with a larger space that might have internal walls (load-bearing or otherwise) and other obstructions that need to be moved or adjusted. 

Planning is vital when working with this kind of garage, and our specialists are able to help you adapt the space to your needs.

We can also help you with a garage conversion that only adjusts one half of a double garage or converting the space into two separate rooms. Whatever specific design you are looking for, we can make sure that you have what you need planned out and ready to install within short notice.

Double garage conversion costs

A double garage has a massive amount of potential but with a higher cost to match. You can convert it into one big space, split both garages into separate rooms, or even use internal walls to create multiple different sub-rooms. All of this adds to the complexity (and cost) of what you are trying to create.

Internal doors, different types of floor slab or flooring for different areas, windows, lighting for individual spaces and the adjustment of each garage door can all cost more than you might expect. Estimate at least double what you would pay for a single garage – perhaps more if your plan is quite complex.

Partial Garage Conversions Hastings

A partial garage conversion allows you to turn a single garage into a dual-purpose space, either with physical dividers or just using temporary internal walls. These are often very cheap and quick since they are not even a full garage conversion, but it depends on the exact design and plan that you go for.

For example, you might decide to extend your living room into half of the garage or build a dividing wall in your garage so that half of it can become a secondary bathroom. This gives you a massive range of flexibility but also means that there is not really a ‘standard’ for how much it will cost or how long it will take.

In general, if you are converting only a small part of your garage’s internal structure (such as extending another room into one half of the garage or setting up a bathroom), then you can expect the process to be fairly quick. 

If you are doing something more complex, it will take more time and money, but not nearly as much as a full conversion in Hastings.

Partial conversion costs

Since there is not a single specific way that you might want your garage to be converted, it is impossible to estimate a cost. However, some of the simplest partial conversions fall between the £5,500 and £8,500 price range – usually things that do not involve many extra materials to set up.

This all varies heavily depending on what you do, so remember that you will want a professional to estimate the costs. Contact us, or get in touch with one of our experts, if you need help with planning around a tight budget.

How Long Does a Garage Conversion Take?

A garage conversion in Hastings can take a varying length of time depending on the kind of work involved. A standard single-garage conversion can often be around 3 to 6 weeks in length, although this is only an estimate based on some of our previous work.

This may seem like a long time, but it is far faster than attempting a DIY garage conversion job. This time can also include things like getting planning permission or going over inspections, something that can take a while if you attempt to arrange them all by yourself.

Type of Garage ConversionEstimated Timeframe
Attached Garage Conversions6 to 8 weeks
Integral Garage Conversions8 to 10 weeks
Detached Garage Conversions8 to 12 weeks
Double Garage Conversions10 to 14 weeks
Partial Garage Conversions4 to 6 weeks (for a single room or area within the garage)

Do You Need Planning Permission to Convert a Garage?

Planning permission is usually not required for most garage conversion work, as long as almost all of the work is internal and does not alter the building’s shape. Most integral garage conversions are like this, and something like modifying an old garage door will not necessarily need planning permission either.

Generally, you will have to get planning permission if you are making any major changes to the shape, look, or structure of your garage or home. 

For example, planning permission would be necessary for extending your garage into your garden, but not for extending your living room into the garage (since that would be all internal work).

Most garage work is covered under permitted development. Permitted development rights mean that you can make internal, cosmetic, or otherwise non-intrusive changes to your home.

We can make sure that you get the correct permissions for the work that you have planned and that everything is above board.

Building Regulations for Conversions to Garages

Local council building regulations are important when converting your garage. There are a few core local authority building regulations in Hastings that you need to follow.

Building RegulationDescription
Structural IntegrityEnsure that the conversion does not compromise the structural stability of the building, including foundations, walls, and roof.
Insulation and VentilationComply with insulation requirements for walls, floors, and roofs. Adequate ventilation is important to prevent dampness and ensure air quality.
Fire SafetyImplement fire-resistant materials, escape routes, and fire doors as necessary to ensure the safety of the new living space.
Means of EscapeProvide suitable escape routes in case of fire, such as windows and doors that comply with regulations for safe egress.
Windows and Natural LightInstall windows that provide adequate natural light and ventilation for the new living area.
Structural AlterationsAny structural alterations, such as removing or altering load-bearing walls, must be carried out in compliance with regulations.
Electrical SafetyComply with electrical safety regulations. All electrical work must be done by a qualified electrician, and new wiring must meet safety standards.
Plumbing and DrainageIf the conversion includes new bathrooms or plumbing fixtures, ensure proper connection to existing plumbing and drainage systems.
Sound InsulationInstall sound insulation to minimize noise transmission between the converted space and other parts of the house.
Energy EfficiencyThe converted space should meet energy efficiency standards, including insulation, windows, and heating systems.
Planning Permission and PermitsCheck whether planning permission or permitted development rights are required for your garage conversion. Obtain any necessary permits.

Following these building regulations is important to getting permission for the changes. We can talk to your local authority or local building control department and get a building control officer to inspect your property. 

If a building control officer finds no issues with your compliance to the regulations, you will get a building control certificate of completion – meaning that the local authority is happy with your work and is willing to let the construction go-ahead.

Do I Need an Architect for a Garage Conversion?

You never need an architect for basic DIY conversions, but larger ones generally require scaled architectural drawings for you to get approval. Our structural engineer and architecture experts can help you draw up a plan that will satisfy local authorities and help you get approval for the project going forward.

Things to Consider Before Converting Your Garage

There are a few key things to consider before you go ahead with a conversion project in Hastings. These are only basic thoughts, but they are something that many people overlook.

  • Are you thinking “I should convert my garage” for a particular reason, and do you have an objective or plan in mind?
  • Does your conversion add much value?
  • What are the costs?
  • Where can I store the tools and materials needed for longer-term conversions?
  • Am I happy with my plan?
  • Have I had enough professional assistance with my plan, or am I working off assumptions?

Make sure that you question every aspect of your plan. The more you are certain of, the easier it becomes to avoid pitfalls or money sinks that you will run into if you are working off a vague, quickly-planned idea. Alternatively, ask us for direct help and let us handle the planning stages.

Basics of Converting a Garage to Living Space

Converting a garage into a comfortable space requires multiple vital things. While you can always adjust your design as needed, a real room is more than just a carpeted garage in Hastings. You will want to plan ahead for:

  • Windows, ideally ones that can open to provide air. Placed to get enough natural light throughout the day.
  • Ceiling height: make sure that it is comfortable enough to move around without the risk of hitting your head.
  • A comfortable level of heat, which should average around 21 degrees C (often considered room temperature) through a combination of heating and insulation.
  • Lights, with at least one wall-controlled switch to turn them on and off.
  • Power, spaced out so that no cord has to stretch more than six feet to reach a socket.

Other things, like comfort and style, are more personal and preference focused. However, without some of the core, necessary features of a room, you may not legally be allowed to use a converted garage in Hastings as a regular living room.

Converting a Detached Garage

Converting a detached space in Hastings often means looking into some additional factors that would not matter with other types, including important information like:

  • Whether or not the foundations and structure need to be reinforced.
  • Any necessary repair work that needs to be done.
  • How to submit planning applications and building notice documents.

There are a lot of important things to consider with this kind of garage since they are almost an entirely separate building, so be sure to ask our specialist for help if you need it.

How to Make a Garage Conversion a Comfortable Space

There are also a lot of important steps to take when turning a former parking space into a living room or other comfortable area, and that means knowing what changes you want to make.

  • Consider making a flat roof sloped: flat roofs handle bad weather poorly.
  • Either give your garage its own fuse system (a separate consumer unit) or connect your garage to the existing consumer unit.
  • Choose a comfortable final floor covering – the existing concrete floor will not be very comfortable.
  • Aim for energy efficiency to reduce costs.
  • Consider fire safety issues.
  • Insulate the old garage door if you have not changed it.
  • Decide which furnishings you want to install.

Converting a Garage With Confidence

Whether you are doing a double garage conversion or a straightforward partial conversion, you want to make sure that you get building regulations approval, a lawful development certificate and fire safety checks as necessary.

The more official approval your plans can get, the easier it becomes to stay confident when working on them. If you are not satisfied with your work, then you will not be happy when it is complete, so always take the first step towards adjusting or correcting anything that seems wrong.


A garage is a great place to convert, giving you a huge amount of space and a lot of ways to use it. However, you can’t easily do it alone – and we at Pro Garage Conversions have plenty of specialists in Hastings that can help you do it quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.

Whatever you need, we can offer the help you require to get it built. Contact us and let us know what you want, how you plan to set it up, and how much help you need – we can be as active or passive in your project as you would like.

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